Helping our students to grow as compassionate, responsible citizens is an essential part of the mission of St. Stephen’s Episcopal School Houston. Honor and trust are fundamental to the development of ethical behavior and to establishing community in a school setting. 

Honor Code and Plagiarism

The Honor Code is based upon the core commitment; I will not lie, cheat or steal. 

To plagiarize is to take someone’s words or ideas and pretend they are your own. Thus it is both stealing and lying and equals cheating.

All assignments are to be completed by the individual student unless otherwise specified.

Instances of academic dishonesty include cheating on exams or plagiarism (presenting the work of another as your own, or the use of another person’s ideas without giving proper credit). Plagiarism applies to all work (HW, assignments, projects, quizzes and tests, group work, etc.)

Plagiarism will result in a failing grade and sanctions by the school (permanent record on student’s file).
The consequences of plagiarism are the following: 

  • First time—zero on the assignment, entry of permanent record, and parent notification.
  • Second time—zero on the assignment, entry of permanent record, and required meeting of student and parent with the teacher and administration.
  • Third time—suspension with zeroes in all classes for the missed day(s). 
  • Fourth time—expulsion.