St. Stephen’s is the only school in the United States that has a combined international curriculum that includes Montessori and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC).

At St. Stephen’s, we have a tradition of excellence and educational leadership that offers inquisitive, inspired, and creative students a global framework for learning and engaging. Educational enrichment programs provide outdoor learning and team building opportunities at each grade level. The low teacher-student ratio provides for individualized instruction and support.

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Da Vinci LabReferred to nationally as Makerspaces, our Da Vinci lab provides a space for students to explore the intersection of arts, science, and technology through their own self-directed projects. 

Fine ArtsOur Fine Arts Program is fully integrated with the core curriculum and our students are provided creative outlets to express what they are learning in history, math, literature, and science.

TravelGlobal interactions enliven the learning environment and contribute to students’ understanding of different cultures, the natural world and scientific exploration.

TechnologyWith all levels using integrated technology resources, St. Stephen's is dedicated to an educational process that fosters both independent and collaborative work experiences amongst students and faculty.






The operation of a Montessori classroom is founded on freedom and responsibility. Maria Montessori observed that children work without fatigue or boredom when they are given choices and freedom accompanied with responsibility. Because of this, the students feel respected and motivated to go beyond the teacher’s assignments, demonstrating moral qualities “such as patience and perseverance in work, and in the moral order, obedience, gentleness, affection, politeness, and serenity.”

International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC)

Middle Years
7th–8th grade

St. Stephen's Episcopal School was the first Montessori accredited middle school in Houston to interject the core Montessori values of freedom, independence, and interdependence into our middle school courses. In recent years, St. Stephen's transitioned to a new curriculum, one that maintains the Montessori values but is designed specifically for middle school students. During the 2013–2014 school year, the school formally adopted the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), becoming the first school in the United States to do so.

IMYC is an interdisciplinary approach to education that is designed to keep middle school students engaged. Individual units are constructed around "big ideas," which are then explored across disciplines. The units culminate in multimedia projects that allow students to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts.