Aftercare Program

St. Stephen’s Aftercare Program is a fun-filled, age-appropriate program that nurtures the unique gifts and character of each student. We promote understanding and respect, cultivate a sense of responsibility for our interconnected world, and encourage our students to become successful global citizens and lifelong learners. 

In preparation for the school year, please take a moment to decide the additional care that will make your school year enjoyable. The aim our Aftercare program is to provide care to students in a structured and loving environment. By selecting one of the Aftercare options, you can ensure that your child will be taken care of after school.

For more information, visit our resources page.

St. Stephen’s Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp Programs are designed to foster an appreciation the natural world and to encourage interest and wonder. Each session will involve outside activities and opportunities for academic and creative expression. 

Activities include: games, crafts, experiments, stories, live animal presentations, field trips, dance and some big surprises.