Congratulations to St. Stephen's alumni Andrew Pohle, named to the Forbes '30 Under 30: Education List for 2017'.

Andrew,  a member of St. Stephen's Class of ’07, along with two college peers from Lehigh University, co-founded Real Time Cases (RTC). RTC allows thousands of business students to have quicker access to real cases provided by major organizations, such as Uber and KIND Healthy Snacks. Case studies that are relevant and updated in an everchanging world provide students the opportunity to solve problems that real businesses face. Included in more than 100 undergraduate and graduate classrooms across the country and internationally, these real business cases simulate what it is like to be employed and receivactual assignments to solve from top-level management.
Today Alumni Andrew Pohle serves as Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, managing the operations and investments at RTC.
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We wondered how his St. Stephen’s education played a role in his professional success, so we asked Andrew about the impact SSESH had on his life.
What are you doing today? I started an experiential content publishing company for the higher education space with a couple of my college buddies, called Real Time Cases ( The publishing platform uses real life business challenges from both startup and
high growth companies so students and professors can strategize solutions and best simulate assignments in the working world. Real Time
Cases has also been named as one of the top 50 start-up companies for 2017 by Startup Grind.

How long were you at St. Stephens?  I graduated in 2007 and attended for five years. I attended Lehigh University for college and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Bioengineering.
How did St. Stephen’s Montessori education affect your secondary learning? Montessori attempts to put you in the driver’s seat of steering
your own education. If the student has a solid baseline work ethic (everything starts with work ethic) they can mold themselves into formidable
individuals. This mirrors secondary learning quite closely. In college, you pursue a specified major based on your interests and desires.
Montessori allows you a head start on learning who you are and what you like, it is an incredibly valuable experience.

Does Montessori affect your career or work? Montessori certainly has imparted a team first mentality upon me. It has served me very well
in my business as I am able to adopt a “people over product” style of leadership. In this way, my team always knows I have their back and that
their thoughts and opinions are always respected. I have found that people make all the difference, no matter what you are pursuing and that if
you put them first you will be rewarded.

What are some of your favorite St. Stephen’s memories? My favorite class/project was my senior project. I got to create a Battlebot with 3
other students. Not only did I have a lot of fun building it, but I acquired a myriad of functional skills from arc welding and circuitry to grant writing.

Do you keep up with any classmates from St. Stephen’s? I do indeed. I made three of my lifelong best friends while at SSESH and I keep in
touch with them weekly to this day.

Originally Published in School Building Communities Spring 2018

Andrew Pohle class 2008 alumni update Startup Founders Listed on Forbes '30 Under 30' _ News Article _ Lehigh University.pdf.png