What St. Stephen's experiences most shaped you into the person you are today?

  • The Montessori style of learning helped me take a different approach to almost every situation I encounter. Class of 2002
  • I liked getting to know my teachers one-on-one. It helped me communicate with my professors in college. Class of 2011
  • Lifelong friends. Opportunities for independent research. Invested teachers. Class of 2006
  • The ability to persevere when loaded down with work.  Knowing how to write a quality paper.  Class of 2014
  • I think while some people may think the small community can be a bit stifling, it really helped me understand people profoundly and improved my communication skills. The environment allowed me to explore who I was and who I wanted to be and gave me the freedom to do so without any judgment. Class of 2015
  • The small community. I would not be the person I am today without all the love and support I received from St. Stephens. June Smith is the reason I studied English in college! Class of 2010
  • Stephen's was able to give me, for the first time in my life, the love, care, support and space that I needed to not only find healing but also to find myself. I owe so much to the teachers, staff and students. I truly feel this school saved me. It was exactly what I needed. Class of 2012
  • Being in such a small environment taught me how to interact with people that I might disagree with in harmony. I don't get discouraged when there's a conflict because I was able to learn how to handle problems in a progressive manner. Class of 2015
  • I believe that the down time with the teachers that I had during lunch, study hall, and after school truly changed my life. I got real life experiences, motivation, and the honest truth. I felt I could be honest and ask anything I was worried about or just wondered. I am forever grateful to St. Stephens, all the faculty and staff. Class of 2013

What are some of your favorite St. Stephen’s memories?

  • I remember every lunch period we would gather on the field and play football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, any sport we could. St. Stephens is my home away from home!! My heart will always have a place for this amazing school! Watching it grow make my heart so happy!
  • My English teacher once told me that my yawning in class was my brain's response to information overload. I still think about that at least once a week
  • I made lifelong friends who I still keep up with today!
  • Participating in extracurricular activities like basketball and the school plays. I dearly miss electives such as music, art, and film making. I love looking back at pictures and memories of times like Winterim where we learned about Houston, and had chances to get closer to each other. Even simple down time that we would have during class to talk and laugh with each other or teachers. I gained life-long friends, memories, opportunities to network, confidence, and the opportunity to be myself and grow as a person.
  • Some of my favorite memories definitely include events like fall festival and formal, but the class trips were unforgettable.