Bulldog 360°

Welcome to Bulldog 360˚! 

Learning continues long after the class day ends at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School.  Bulldog 360˚ is our program encompassing all of the learning activities available for your children after 3 p.m. 

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School offers an array of activities for our students to explore beyond the regular school day. Students have the opportunity to engage in physical, creative, musical and STEAM activities. Regular participation in these activities help students develop their individual personalities, relieve stress and enhance their skills.

The da Vinci Lab for Creative Arts and Sciences is offered to current students as well as the extended community. All other Bulldog 360˚ programs are for currently enrolled students, only. 

Fall Start: Week of Sept. 10    Spring Start: Week of Jan. 14    
Fall End: Week of Dec. 10    Spring End: Week of May 6


Note: Parents, if you completed priority registration back in May 2018 your registered price remains the same.

Bulldog 360 Spring 2019 calendar.jpg