Everyone has a story to tell. Stories define who we are, who we want to be, where we’ve come from—stories give life to alternative places, visions, and dreams. St. Stephen’s Fine Arts Program is built around magnifying the voices of our young storytellers. Through music, drawing, photography, painting, sculpture, and theater, St. Stephen’s students are provided an opportunity to create and re-present their visions. Our Fine Arts Program is fully integrated with the core curriculum and our students are provided creative outlets to express what they are learning in history, math, literature, and science.

Fine Arts Offerings

Visual Art

From Kindergarten on, St Stephens students are offered a full range of creative studio art opportunities from drawing and painting to multi-media and sculpture projects. They study art history in the art room and experience it first hand through visits to museums and visits with guest artists.  Juniors and seniors explore art at greater depth through our International Baccalaureate program. Our students are offered opportunities to compete at the local, state and national levels.


From the earliest levels, the music program at St. Stephen’s strives to support a lifelong love of creating, performing, and listening to music. The youngest students focus on developing pitch and rhythm through seasonal songs, games, stories, and playing instruments. Starting in Kindergarten, students continue to develop their aural training and begin their journey into music notation, utilizing Kodaly-influenced materials. In the upper levels, the students gain a deeper understanding of music history in their 


High school students will have the opportunity work with professional filmmaker and producer Stefan Blozinski and Anita Long. The film courses cover storyboarding, production, editing, acting, sound, location scouting, and casting. Students will study the history of filmmaking. They will enter into film festivals on local and statewide levels.

After school Fine Arts Academy

St. Stephens’s new Fine Arts Academy is a part of our after school enrichment. The Fine Arts Academy offers individual and group lessons for guitar, voice, piano, photography, and mobile technology motion pictures. Our photography class is a pilot program joined with Houston Center for Photography. 

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