The following is an estimated timeline for the search process to determine a new Head of School for St. Stephen's.

Search Timeline

December 2016

  • HOS Retirement Announcement (letter)

January - March 2017

  • Interview and secure Educational Search Consultant (complete)

April 2017

  • Conduct surveys and parent, faculty/staff, and student meetings, Town Hall (complete)
  • Assemble school leadership profile and position statement through surveys and information gathering from all constituencies (complete)

May - July 2017

  • Candidate Recruitment and evaluation (complete)

August 2017

  • Advisory Committee formed to assist with interview process (complete)

  • Search Committee works with consultant to select and interview semi-finalist candidates (complete)

September - October 2017

  • 3 candidates visit St. Stephen's Episcopal School, meeting with school community, students, parents and faculty/staff, in addition to School Board of Trustees and Parish Vestry (complete)
  • Search Committee meets to recommend top candidate to the Board (complete)
  • School Board of Trustees makes final decision (complete)

November 2017

  • Announcement of Head of School-Elect to the community

July 2018

  • St. Stephen's Episcopal School welcomes new Head of School

This outline, and the process it represents, is a work in progress. It will be adjusted as we go forward, and updates will be shared as available.