This year, we are pleased to offer a catered lunch program by The Simply Fresh Kitchen.  The Simply Fresh Kitchen "specializes in school lunch catering using only the freshest and most wholesome ingredients. We prepare perfectly balanced meals for young growing minds and bodies. Our goal is to teach a child good eating habits while young, with the belief that the good habit will last a lifetime." Additional information on The Simply Fresh Kitchen can be found in the document titled ' Simply Fresh Mission Statement.'

The Simply Fresh Kitchen has made ordering very convenient with their online system:

Should you have any questions regarding the menu or ordering, please contact The Simply Fresh Kitchen:

Simply Fresh Mission Statement


The Simply Fresh Kitchen
5909 Glenmont St. Suite B
Houston TX 77081

Jerrell 713-725-7252
Manolo 832-563-1564


Online Ordering: Visit Click on 'Account' in the top navigation bar and select 'St. Stephens Lunch Payment'. Enter Name of the student. Select 'Class'. Select 'Dietary Restrictions' if applicable. For each 'Date' you would like to order, select the 'Drop Down Item' for Regular or Sandwich. Click 'Add to Cart'. Enter billing info and 'Submit Order'.