Rediker's Parent and Student PlusPortals provides online real time communication between the school, students, and their families. The interactive PlusPortal enables the school and teachers to share information, grades, and engage with parents and students in a secure and private environment. Through your login to the PlusPortal, parents can view student grades (Middle Years), teacher postings, attendance and discipline records, access the school directory, the school calendar, and other SSESH community information. The Plus Portal also allows access to posted documents such as study guides, newsletters, and field trip forms. Every parent in the school database are issued PlusPortal accounts at the beginning of the school year, and can then log into the Portal on any computer or mobile device to access their information.

For quick parent tutorials on PlusPortal, go here. You may also download the SSESH PlusPortal app to your mobile devices; for instructions, click here.

Parent PlusPortals FAQs