Dear ALL,

Welcome to St. Stephen’s Episcopal School’s new website! We sincerely hope you will read and learn about what it is that makes our school “wildly” unique from other Houston independent schools. 

Students, parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, board members, and friends wholeheartedly support our school’s mission and core values—questioning, belief, individuality, relationships, service and future. As an Episcopal school, St. Stephen’s is committed to respecting the dignity of every human being. From this core value, our school became a No Place for Hate School, a partnership with the Anti-defamation League, and a Welcoming School through a relationship with the Human Rights Campaign. The culture of our school fosters diversity of thought and supports each member of our community. Bullying, teasing and harassment are antithetical to our values. Our doors are open to all students and families of different faiths and lifestyles who are seeking a school that is progressive, respectful, and values diversity. 

We work hard to provide St. Stephen’s students with a global academic foundation that is unparalleled in Houston. From Montessori (15 months through 6th grade) to the International Middle Years Curriculum (7th and 8th grades) to the International Baccalaureate (9th through 12th grades), our students are provided a challenging educational program designed to help them experience joy in learning, develop self-confidence, learn respect for the rights and feelings of others and become exceptional children and better adult-citizens of the world. 

St. Stephen’s is one of only two Houston-area schools accredited by the American Montessori Society, the first American school to adopt the International Middle Years Curriculum and the only Episcopal school in the Diocese of Texas that is both Montessori and International Baccalaureate. Our curriculum is complementary and progressive, and parents report how much they appreciate its continuity. In a time when fine arts programs are dying, ours is thriving and exceptional. The arts and sciences are valued equally, and last year’s musical “Godspell” to this year’s “Into the Woods,” provide our students the opportunities to experience what it’s like to put on a school production. The after-school program, “The Da Vinci Lab of Creative Arts and Sciences” gives middle and high school students a chance to showcase their talents in one of the few makerspaces in Houston. Our partnerships with the Downtown YMCA, the University of St. Thomas Doherty Library, and the Houston Center for Photography give our students broad exposure to what Houston and our Montrose neighborhood have to offer. 

The school year is full of joyful learning and exciting discovery. In years past, students have had the opportunities to take exciting trips to the Outdoor School, Camp Allen, Boston, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Barcelona, Spain. Last year, our lower school students participated in a butterfly migration to Mexico; while families enjoy school traditions such as the fun-filled Fall Festival, Popsicles on the Playground, Water Day, Cookie Walk, parent education events, weekly chapels, Lessons and Carrols, and a book fair.  

As I reflect on the coming new year, I pray it is one where we come together to build our school’s future mapped out by our strategic plan. Both the church and school boards have been engaged in a pre-design campus master planning process with a local architectural firm and we just recently signed a contract with a fundraising consultant to begin a feasibility study for a Capital Campaign in 2016. 

To the St. Stephen’s community, and to those families seeking a community to call their own, please know there is no other school in Houston like ours. It is truly a special place of learning and discovery for all who enter our doors.

In Peace,

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David B. Coe
Head of School