Faculty and Staff at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School – Houston


David Coe.jpg

David Coe
Head of School

Nahla Nasser

Ky Wilson
Director of Admissions

April Lord
Assistant Admissions Director and School Community Affairs

Ronnie Frankum
Director of Athletics

Buddy Verneuil.jpg

Buddy Verneuil
Director of Technology

Bob Hymson
Director of Finance and Operations

Juan Rodriguez
Campus Maintenance Supervisor

Holli Richardson
Director of Fine Arts

Toni Morales

Director of Communications

Stephanie Heisler
Business Office Assistant

Ryan Hawthorne

Director of da Vinici Lab for Creative Arts & Sciences

Karen Soh
Director of Development

Cross Level Faculty

Stephan Bachicha.JPG

Stephen Bachicha 
Music Teacher, Lower Lower Elementary - Middle Years

Ronnie Frankum.JPG

Ronnie Frankum
Director of Athletics

Shannon Hesse.JPG

Shannon Hesse
Music Teacher, Orientation – Primary

Jean King
Art Teacher


Zane Noureddine
P.E. Assistant


Orientation FACULTY

Courtney Schaffner_redo.jpg

Courtney Schaffner
Lead Teacher, Orientation 1


Fernanda Lopez-Osorio
Assistant Teacher, Orientation 4

Marta Castro.JPG

Marta Castro
Lead Teacher, Orientation 1


Rose Romo
Assistant Teacher, Orientation 1

Lourdes Castaneda.JPG

Lourdes Castaneda
Lead Teacher, Orientation 2

Krystal Cano
Lead Teacher, Orientation 3

Maria Rivette_.jpg

Maria Rivette
Lead Teacher, Orientation 4

Primary Faculty

Gladis Martin.jpg

Gladis Martin
Primary  1 Lead Teacher and Extended Care Coordinator

Therese Ghanem
Primary 3 Teacher Assistant


Mary Posa
Primary  1 Teacher Assitant

Elvira Briones.jpg

Elvira Briones
Primary 2 Lead Teacher

alex cole.jpg

Alex Cole
Primary 2 Teacher Assistant

Debra West.jpg

Debbie West
Primary 3 Lead Teacher 

Devin Kinsella.jpg

Devin Kinsella
Primary 3 Teacher Assistant

Lower AND Upper Elementary Faculty

Liz Newchurch.jpg

Liz Newchurch
Lower Elementary 1 Lead Teacher


Neda Faghih
Upper Elementary Teacher Assitant

Mila Nyaga
Lower Elementary 1 Teacher Assistant 

Zane Noureddine

Zane NoureddineUpper Elementary Teacher Assitant


Mychal Reitman.jpg

Mychal Reitman
Lower Elementary 2 Lead Teacher

Default Picture SSESH bulldog.jpg

Madeline Newchurch
Lower Elementary 1 Teacher Assitant

Jillian weaver.jpg

Jillian Weaver
Upper Elementary 1  Lead Teacher  

Ralene Corley.jpg

Ralene Corley
Upper Elementary 2 Lead Teacher

Middle School Faculty

Jamie Shick.jpg

Jamie Shick
Math and Science Lead Teacher

Michael Strambaugh.JPG

Michael Stambaugh
Humanities Lead Teacher


Holli Richardson.jpg

Holli Golden Richardson
Director of Fine Arts

Stephen Bachicha.jpg

Stephen Bachicha
Music Teacher

Stefan Blozinski.jpg

Stefen Blozinski
Film Teacher

Shannon Hesse.jpg

Shannon Hesse
Music Teacher

Jean King.jpg

Jean King
Art Teacher


Anita Long
Film Teacher

Milla Nyaga

Milla Nyaga
Piano Teacher

Sasha Dela
Photography Teacher

Susan Shofner.jpg

Susan Shofner
Music Teacher

Brandy Watkins.jpg

Brandy Watkins
Art Teacher

Yung-Chiu Wang.jpg

Yung-Chiu Wang
Music Teacher

Gina marie Vincent Runnels.jpg

Gina-Marie Vincent Runnels
Theatre Teacher