2019/20 Teacher Resources


General Resources

IT Helpdesk Ticket System

Email SEt Up

  • Email Login Page: http://portal.office.com

  • Once you login to Office365 you can download the latest version of Microsoft office on any five devices of your choosing. The instructions are on Office365 web page once you login.

  • Use the same credentials when you login to your laptop or desktop

  • To access your email on your phone, use the following values:

TeacherPlus Gradebook App for iPad and Android

  • IPAD: Download the TeacherPlus Gradebook app for iPad - TeacherPlus by Rediker. Use school code and then log in using your usual ID and password.

  • ANDROID: Visit the Google Play store by CLICKING HERE to download the Android Gradebook app. Use school code and then log in using your usual ID and password.

Logging onto Portal



  • The campus has eight B&W printers in most buildings spread across campus.

  • In the main office we have a solid ink printer that prints color. It also has the capabilities to fold, staple and hole punch.

  • You are not allowed to add a personal printer to and church or school owned computer system.

  • You are also not allowed to use your personal computer to access church or school internal resources. If you need access you will be issued a system to use.