Technology is a central tool to engaging students in the learning process and our students use it every day. We are committed to preparing students to be effective, discerning users of information. With technology readily available in every class, students spend more time in the actual learning process—researching, reflecting, collaborating, and producing.

With all levels using integrated technology resources, St. Stephen's is dedicated to an educational process that fosters both independent and collaborative work experiences amongst students and faculty.

Software standards for applications, online subscriptions and online tools are also defined. These standards are established for Lower El, Upper El and Middle Years classrooms based on grade level and subject area needs.

By defining the software and equipment that teachers can expect to have in their classrooms, it becomes easier to infuse technology into the core curriculum and ensure that all students, have equitable access to technology.  Through the access teachers and students have, and the identification of equipment and software tools that are appropriate, St. Stephens students are able to use a wide variety of collaborative tools within both technology-specific classes and lessons and within the structure of their core curricula classes. Teachers receive training and ongoing support for standard equipment and software tools. 


Our technology resources include: 

  • One to One Chromebook Program (Upper El - 8th Grade)
  • A school-wide secure wireless network that uses a combination of St. Stephen's assigned student login for email and an electronic computer certificate in providing safe and secure connection.
  • Private, secure e-mail accounts for all students in 7th  and 8th grade. This also includes faculty, staff, and administrators. (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides,  etc.)
  • Ongoing technology integration program for teachers at all grade levels.
  • SMART boards, ceiling-mounted projectors, probes, and graphing calculators.
  • Online textbooks for some subjects, sciences software for labs, and University of St. Thomas Doherty Library training and access.

Internet safety information