Student Testimonials

Having a smaller amount of students in the learning environment allows the student to develop relations that are a lot more meaningful. We are closer to one another and can be seen as one large family. Like the phrase goes, “quality over quantity," and that's what St. Stephen's has to offer.

I have been at St. Stephen's since 2nd grade, and for the past two years I have been in the middle school. I can say, with all my heart, that it is a great middle school. The academics offered there are excellent and engaging. The teachers push us to do our best and help us get there. Socially, my classmates and the community is one I’ll never forget, and it is one that will never forget you.

- Jacob, 8th Grade (IMYC), March 2017


Our child has been at St Stephen's from age 4 (Primary Class). He is currently in the Middle School. He has excelled academically, and over the years has tried many cool things, from basketball to photography to the da Vinci Lab. Most importantly, we appreciate that he is part of a loving community that values every soul on campus.
- IMYC (Middle School) Parent, January 2017

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience we've had at St. Stephen's. My daughter is in Primary 1. Prior to mid-July, I was unfamiliar with Montessori and I had never heard of St. Stephen's. I had been frustrated that my daughter didn't fit in well at her traditional preschool. A friend from out of state was telling me about her daughter's Montessori school-- Montessori seemed interesting and I planned on looking at schools in Houston during the fall admissions season.
I was at an event this July where I met Jill Weaver [teacher]. My daughter was with me and was immediately drawn to Jill. Jill said she loved children and she used to be a preschool teacher but now taught elementary. After talking more, I learned about St. Stephen's and asked her if she thought my daughter would be a good fit. She spent a lot of time talking with me about the challenges I was facing in my daughter's traditional preschool and whether Montessori could help alleviate some of our issues. That night, I spent hours on the St. Stephen's website learning more about the Montessori approach. I called the admissions office to see if there was any availability for the upcoming school year. St. Stephen's arranged for my child to be evaluated the last week before school closed for the last summer break. Everything happened so quickly and I was so appreciative as I wanted my daughter to start at the beginning of the school year. 
I truly felt like the stars aligned for us to find St. Stephen's and I couldn't be happier. 
 I was in the classroom to celebrate my daughter's 4th birthday. I was so impressed by the love and compassion shared by her teachers and classmates. My mom has not stopped talking about her experience at Grandparent's Day. Each experience I have on campus makes me love St. Stephen's even more.
Thanks for all you do to make St. Stephen's be such a special place!
- Montessori (Primary 1) Parent, November 2016



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