Wall of Hope

“But I will hope continually, and will praise you yet more and more.” – Psalm 71:14

These words help frame the latest spiritual life undertaking, The Wall of Hope. In September, each class level was asked to wonder about hopes for the upcoming school year. What followed was creativity and deep insight, as collages began to form on the bulletin board in the Monro Building (opposite the kitchen). In later conversation, teachers commented that the exercise provided the opportunity to begin with individual hopes, but then to ponder hopes beyond the self. One Upper El student noted, “I hope for all wars to end.” Another said, “I hope that one day we will have a perfect democracy and everyone will have a voice.” These, and many more, express a spirituality that reaches further than the classroom, across a campus that truly is called to nurture and serve our neighbors.

Next time you are on campus, please make it a point to walk by the Wall of Hope. Many thanks to our teachers and students for accepting this call to wonder, as well as the Fine Arts Department for inspiration.

With encouragement,

The Rev. Brandon Peete, Director of Spiritual Life