Yvette Grutter - Mexican, American, Swiss artist received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 1992 and has continued to take workshops and courses, such as printmaking in Florence, papermaking in the USA, Japan, Mexico, and Spain, painting from well-known artists, art history and criticism, as well as curatorship courses.

She has participated in countless solo- and group-exhibitions internationally for over two decades and has received several awards and scholarships, including an artist in residence in Spain granted by the UNESCO..

Her true conviction for transmitting aesthetic values is present throughout her artwork and in her teaching.

She has a studio where she makes mostly paintings and printmaking, but her favorite technique, that is always present in her work, has always been papermaking. She has done intensive research in several countries over the years and is always excited to share her passion with her students.

This artist was pleased to participate as a guest artist at the da Vinci Lab during the fall semester of 2016. Students were guided through a nine-week adventure using various papermaking techniques. They were exposed to videos and small talks on subjects that helped them gain more knowledge and appreciation for nature, recycling, aesthetics, and creativity. Each student showcased their art work during the art opening of the da Vinci Lab Wednesday, November 2nd.

To view Grutter's current exhibition at the Silos on Sawyer Yards, please contact her for more information. You can also view Yvette's Instagram and website.

I am honored to be a scholar at the da Vinci Lab at the St. Stephen´s School this semester and to have the chance to share some of my knowledge as a visual artist and my passion for paper making with an amazing group of students. I am very proud of them!
— Yvette Grutter