This past Wednesday, December 7th, the Middle School Student Council from St. Stephen’s Episcopal School-Houston took part in the annual collection for traveling seafarers. Once a year, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School and Church provide basic supplies for men at sea and on cargo ships. Every grade level is asked to bring in certain supplies such as socks, boot laces, medication, toothpaste, toiletries, etc. The school did a collection drive to receive these provisions. We do this in the Holiday spirit so the seafarers who cannot be with their families still receive gifts like they’re at home.

Here are some of our thoughts.  For many of us, this was our second year doing this.  It is always an unforgettable time.  

“This was a really great experience knowing that we are helping so many people.” -Emma Pierce

“We worked together as a bonded community for the betterment of others” -Rowan Painter

“This was a very moving experience. It gave me joy as I packed everything up when I thought about the smiles this would put on their faces.”  Sarah Powers

“I’m glad that we’ve done something good and that our gifts will be used well.”  Tuck

“I feel that if I received any of these boxes, I, too, would be grateful.”  Brandon Ortiz

“Taking part in the Seafarers collection was a way we could spread the “Christmas cheer!”  Brooks Farish

“I found this to be a great experience; it felt good helping those who simply need to be reached out to during the Holidays.”  Max Boubel