Twenty one members of St. Stephen's Church and School braved the weather and the traffic Friday, December 2 to work at the Houston Food Bank.  With the help of several student and community groups and a little music,  we sorted and boxed approximately 8,000+ lbs of goods which will supply a little over 7,000 meals.

Many thanks especially to St. Stephen's Episcopal Church parishioners: Maura Joyce, Roberto Argentina, Francesco Argentina, Sheri DeBruijn, Mary Orrison, Gunnar DeBruijn, Chris Gibson, Ralph Leal, Patty Pagan, and Crystal Kitigawa.  Also big thanks to St. Stephen's Episcopal School's HS teacher Meg and students Cassandra, Callista, James, Luis, and Maryn. Also many thanks to the friends of Lee Lozano who helped us out.  Working together to provide for the neediest in our community was a truly rewarding experience for all!

Join us again in combating hunger in our community on Saturday, January 21 from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Before volunteering at the Houston Food Bank, I was unaware that so many people lacked access to food and other resources. My experience there not only taught me about the significance of food, but it also taught me how valuable our efforts are to others in need.  
-Callista Wilson, HS Student
Houston Food Bank