Another year with a Nutcracker performance from the primary students is behind us...11 years. This St. Stephen’s tradition is a wonderful experience for both children and teachers. As I watched this year’s play, I was reminded why we have this event. Seeing how much the children enjoyed what they’re doing, as well as the smiling faces of their parents and families watching them, gives me the greatest satisfaction. I remembered that all the practice and preparation is worth it! I enjoyed every moment of today’s performance.  Moments like these are when I really love my occupation as an educator.  I know that here at St. Stephen’s, we really do change lives and help children grow.

Thank you all for another wonderful performance.  The children were great, but without the assistance of the staff and support of our Directors, we couldn’t have pulled it off.

I would like to give a special thanks to Anita and Stefan and their students for their professional work in videotaping and photographing the whole event.  

Love and peace,

Ms. Gladis