As a person whose only experience with high school involved a school of 4,000 kids, I experienced some culture shock during my first week at St. Stephens. The dynamic at this school is completely different than any other school I've seen. By easing the students into the work, by having an orientation week with activities and previews of classes, St. Stephens was able to ease my anxiety about starting a new school and what the workload would entail.

All the students are extremely friendly and accepting. They obviously already had their own developed friend groups and dynamics among themselves, but they readily accepted me into the fold as if I had been there all along. After only a week and a half at St. Stephens, I was able to reach a level of comfort with the students and school that usually would have taken me months to achieve somewhere else.

Kudos to St. Stephens for their welcoming environment and wonderful students and staff.

- Student, High School