Auditioning is hard! There’s nothing ever easy about it. But if your child is interested in trying musical theatre, film acting or any of the performing arts, auditioning is part of the process. So, what can we do as parents to help them?

First things first, make sure your child wants to pursue trying out for the arts on their own. They will need your help but the initial desire has to come from the child. Emphasize that it is ok to be nervous and sometimes that is a good thing. Take those nerves and turn them into positive energy!

Secondly, help them choose a song that they enjoy and encourage the one they want to do. It may not be the best suited for them but if they are happy singing it then that will shine through which is far more important. Keep in mind that preparation is crucial but be sure not to over-rehearse.

Third, explain that they are auditioning for a show and not a specific role. Not everyone will get cast but what is truly important is they auditioned because it was what they wanted to do. Facing their fears is an accomplishment in itself.

If your child is on the fence about auditioning or they are already chomping at the bit, join us September 14 at 6 p.m. in the Nave. We will be holding a mandatory parent/ student meeting for “Annie “.  We will review all the details, have Q&A, as well as sign up audition times, which will be available that evening. We are here to help guide you through this wildly dramatic process. In the meantime visit us the Fine Arts Academy web page for more information!

Holli Richardson | Director of Fine Arts