December 16, 2016

Dear St. Stephen’s Community,

My letter today is written to announce my retirement as the Head of St. Stephen’s Episcopal School – Houston. In order to facilitate a smooth transition, I will be retiring at the end of the 2017 – 2018 academic year – June 30, 2018

By the time I retire, I will have been at the School for almost seven years and over 22 years as a member of St. Stephen’s Church.  It is not easy to leave a School and Church to which I am so deeply devoted and blessed to be part of.  Upon my retirement, Gary and I will be relocating to Maine.  However, I am secure in knowing the school is well-prepared for this leadership change.

Despite me announcing my departure now, know that I will continue to serve St. Stephen’s Episcopal School to the utmost of my ability for the next eighteen months.  I plan to continue to work with the board alongside all of you for the benefit of St. Stephen’s students, both present and future.  I do not know what retirement holds for me, but I trust that you know I will joyfully carry the memories of St. Stephen’s.

In Peace,

David B. Coe, Head of School