I am... "sweet, funny, lonely, creative, engaged, hardworking, respectful, a joyful person, brave, confused." These are just some of the words expressed by our students and faculty at one our new chalk boards across from the kitchen in the Munro building. This board is designed to engage our campus in authentic spiritual conversation, providing the anonymous freedom to express where we are on the pilgrimage. The other chalk board is a space dedicated to ongoing prayer requests. This effort was coordinated by the Spiritual Life Committee, a group of parents, faculty, and students dedicated to reflecting on our Episcopal Identity and spirituality on campus. 

The "I am..." prompt is in collaboration with our Welcoming Schools initiative to engage students with dialogue about identity. In classrooms, our Lower School has been reading and discussing "Looking Like  Me" (Walter Dean-Myers), celebrating the identity of each child. This week our prompt will shift to "Family is..." as we wonder about unique configurations of families, along with what family has to offer. This prompt will accompany classroom discussions from "The Great Big Book of Families," by Mary Hoffman. 

We encourage all parents to stop by the chalk boards and join the discussion!

Brandon Peete, Director of Spiritual Life