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This September, Mrs. Nahla Nasser, Principal and Montessori Lead Teacher, will celebrate 30 years at St. Stephen’s School. Thank you, Nahla for your steadfast dedication and service to our students and families!

I first met Nahla twenty plus years ago. I was sitting in the church Nave one Sunday morning and listened to her speak to the congregation about the Montessori education provided at St. Stephen’s School. I remember her poise and that genuine smile when she spoke about the students, her love for Maria Montessori and the quality of education our students received. 

Fast forward to today – that smile, her love for educating students and genuine caring still shine forth. You ask Nahla about her early years at St. Stephen’s School and she can tell you many stories about those years: Such as when her classroom was located in Pecore Hall and how she had to take down the classroom each Friday afternoon in order for the church to use the space and put it back up Monday morning in preparation for her students. Family is extremely important to Nahla and her husband, Mustapha. In fact, their three children, Ady, Hala and Ali attended St. Stephen’s School and benefited from their mother’s educational expertise. 

Her institutional knowledge is vast and only benefits our school. When I came on as Head of School, I immediately knew I needed a strong and experienced leader for our lower and middle school programs. Nahla’s reputation as a Montessorian in Houston, TX and nation-wide is second to none. In my opinion, that reputation continues to help build our program, which has doubled in size over these past six years. As a member of the Houston Montessori Center, she is continually sought by young Montessorians to be a mentor and guide and by the American Montessori Society as an accreditation site visitor. 

We want to celebrate Nahla’s 30 years at St. Stephen’s with a reception on September 29th from Noon – 1:00 p.m. The St. Stephen’s community is invited. Please drop by to congratulate and thank Nahla for her service to our students and us. 

David Coe

Head of School