We are ever grateful to our dedicated parent volunteers. Becoming involved is a great way to meet other families, to get to know the faculty and staff and contribute to the well being of our students. There is something for everyone to do, regardless of talent, interest, or time constraint. 

Parent Ambassador Membership

Our parent organization is the Parent Ambassadors, who reach out to new families, lead volunteer efforts, and host various events intended to promote the reputation of St. Stephen’s both within our own community and in Houston. Parent Coffees are held monthly and are designed to provide parents with information about the school. Parent Ambassador meetings are held monthly as well. These interactive meetings will address certain aspects of the school and how we can promote them throughout the community. Both the Parent Coffees and Parent Ambassador Meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend, whether or not you would like to make any further volunteering commitment. 


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To find out what volunteer opportunities are available, please contact our Parent Liaison, April Lord.